19 August 2008

Vancouver Olympics Volunteering

Here is information on being a volunteer in Vancouver for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics!

Olympics Volunteers

How many volunteers do you think it takes to put on an Olympics?


Try 1,700,000!

Here is more information from the Beijing Olympics website...

I am thinking about being a volunteer in London. Anyone want to join? I bet you get a great t-shirt and maybe a coke every now and then!

09 August 2008

New Volunteering Research

I have admitted previously that I love volunteering research. There is some exciting new stuff out that shows city trends, too!

Click here for all the great information!

Total Volunteer Hours as of 8/9/08: 212.75
6 months in... an average of 35 hours a month... a little over an hour a day!

Today I thinking being a volunteer at the Olympics must be an amazing opportunity! Maybe in Vancouver in two years?

Let's get it started... again.

I had a friend send an email as the "Blog Police" asking what happened to the blog. I appreciated the nudge. After the May 20th entry, I set a standard I couldn't keep up. Volunteering with a former president? How do I follow that?

Well, I got myself psyched out. Sometimes I find it scary to volunteer. I will admit it. One Saturday I was signed up to volunteer at an organization that I LOVE... this was the first time I had a chance to volunteer with them and I was so excited they called me. But, as the opportunity got closer, I started to get nervous. I thought to myself "I won't know anyone there." "What if I can't do the work?" "What if I hate it?" I did the unthinkable... I didn't show.

I was a NO SHOW!

I am embarrassed to say it.

But, the reality is... volunteering can be scary. A new locale. A new group of people. A new skill. AAAHHH!

It's not always easy!