07 July 2009

Inauguration Details

Long overdue!

Hello Friends and Family!

This email finds me in an airport on my way back from the Inauguration to Portland.

13 years ago I was lucky enough to be accepted into AmeriCorps. I spent 2 years in service through a program called Volunteer Maryland which trained me to be a volunteer coordinator. This experience changed my life. It gave me a job... sure, but it was much more. The greatest take away's from the experience were the knowledge that a band of community members can really "get things done" and that folks who are involved with AmeriCorps are some of the most special, talented people in the world... friends for life and partners in service.

Yesterday, we took the world stage by participating in the Inaugural parade honoring Barack Obama. Spending the day with 150 of these passionate service leaders connected to AmeriCorps was enough inspiration to last all of 2009! Walking past the presidential viewing booth mere feet from the Obama's? I wish time could have stood still! I think I strained a muscle waving so hard. It's not because I am confident that they can fix what ails the country, but I am excited because they see the potential in all of us to band together, like AmeriCorps, and GET THINGS DONE!

My commitment to national service keeps me inspired every day, and yesterday was a day I will never forget!

I took 412 pictures. Here are a few... http://www.flickr.com/photos/egilliland/sets/72157612838555784/

If you missed it my talented brother-in-law, Jerome, has created a video so we can't forget!
Everyone should have a television producer in the family! (Thanks, Jerome!)

In Service,

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